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GR8BIT: the Real Engineering Experience
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GR8BIT Philosophy

Quote In order to be able to understand complex IT technologies we have these days, one should understand the basics, the origin, and have experience with these basics building his future research and success on it. That's what we call simple technology.

GR8BIT is compatible platform, using MSX standard as a base; it has modern, open and modular architecture. It reuses best-of-breed ideas from various developments of our information age. You can upgrade and improve it yourself. You go beyond the guide. It fulfils our ideology of full and continuous innovation process.

GR8BIT in full and continuous innovation process

After you acquire GR8BIT, you start with Build & Experience stage, building the platform yourself using the kit provided. The process includes experience with schematics, PCBs, layouts, chips, resistors, soldering iron... The next stage is Debug & Improve, when you dive into details how platform works, and why it may not work. At the end of this stage, you know how to make it better. Third stage is Pride & Play when you reap a success in the process of building a working product. You share with your friends, talk to tutors, reflect on lessons learnt. Further you get ideas... see opportunities... and Innovate & Design new devices you and community needs and likes. Then return to building concepts and devices together with your friends and colleagues. The cycle goes on, until you refine on your skills in the subject matters and process of innovation.

GR8BIT is an applied electronics, computer science and logic engineering platform for you to touch the grounds of the science. In fact, it is a smaller brother of contemporary PCs - an 8-bit computer, made using similar principles, having open architecture. It is a do-it-yourself kit, especially designed for educational purposes and uses electronic logic elements of the least possible integration level.

Quote You can read books. Many books. You can have lab work in university. However the only place where you can and will be required to apply all your knowledge - is your workplace, your business. And to be able to use full potential of yourself and your opportunity, you should be knowledgeable, skilled and prepared in the whole process - from having an idea, to the product support or service delivery. That's what technology leadership is about.
Quote If someone tells you that knowledge is enough, do not trust. If you are proposed to study electronics by only looking at your PC's screen, imagine that you are trying to appease your hunger by looking through the restaurant's window at people eating. Only real experience will take you to the next level in your development. Touch that yourself. Break that yourself. Fix that yourself. Next time you will not need to break it to fix - next time you'll improve that. Get the fun and kudos.

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