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Engineering career path

Engineering is an important profession

There’s an opinion that engineers are less and less demanded within our society. That opinion is wrong. Being a hiring manager, I can say that it becomes extremely hard to find qualified, experienced and confident engineers to care of our future systems and information. As we do not need an army of mediocre lawyers, financiers or marketers, I agree that we do not need an army of mediocre engineers. We need a number of great engineers.

Engineering is demanded profession

Volume of information, coded in our electronic and IT systems is quickly growing. We need this information to be safe, sorted and used at its best extent. That’s a task of the engineer to design, build and support the vast information systems within your organization. Experienced and knowledgeable engineers are always valued.

Engineering is not a hard profession

Frequently talking to the students I hear the following: “That’s great, but I do not like it”. “Why?”, I ask. At the end it just appears that people are not confident, they think they are not capable of being an engineer. And it’s sad to say, those people who do not believe they will be great engineers, will never become those. I even heard statements like “Thanks God, I did not select engineering as a major in my studies, as it seems so complicated”, which, from my point of view, means that person saying is passionate about engineering (which is a prerequisite to the success), but did not have a good mentor and good tools to convert the passion to the results.

In fact, everyone is an engineer

Engineering is an “exact science”, meaning that device you are working on is either works as expected or not. However is there any difference with other professions? Doctor can be seen as an engineer, who strives to make your body and soul working to the defined standard. Lawyer can be seen as a process engineer, knowing exactly how to process existing and emergent information to achieve desired outcomes. What’s the difference? The difference is in nature of the information, its availability, ambiguity, and in the way people define desired outcomes. Let’s look into Wikipedia for the definition of the Engineering:

Quote Engineering is the discipline, art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes that safely realize improvements to the lives of people (source).

Everyone in our society is an engineer. The only difference in the type of information we process and apply.

Start your successful engineering career journey with GR8BIT

GR8BIT was developed to fulfill needs of the higher and vocational education to have unified educational and development platform. It excellently fits as the practical, hands-on component of your learning, giving you experience in almost every aspect of the applied engineering, electronics and computer science. It easies tutoring on those majors, giving tutors opportunities to show what they teach on the real examples, and challenging you with interesting and useful projects.

Eugeny Brychkov
Eugeny Brychkov Ph.D., MBA

GR8BIT is created by the professional for professionals, and those who really wish to be professionals. Its creator, Mr. Eugeny Brychkov, has got his Ph.D. academic degree in computer science in 1999 from Moscow State University of Instrumental Engineering and Computer Science, one of the respected Russian Universities in the applied computer science and instrumental engineering domain. Mr. Brychkov was tutoring informatics for several years in the secondary school, and really knows which strengths and weaknesses educational system has. Even more, he frequently acts as a hiring manager, screening and evaluating engineering talent on the Russian and international markets. Mr. Brychkov knows the obvious: there’re many people with engineering diplomas, but there’re just few really great engineers - not because they are bad or unwilling to be great - but because our society does not reveal the value of being an engineer, and does not support gifted people in development of their engineering talent well.

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The truth that today is the time when you may be in beneficial situation to study engineering - given you feel you have passion for it. A lot of people already went and still go for law, economics and marketing. There will be a vacuum in engineering profession soon, and major employers feel frustration and anxiety about it already. Engineers, who understand how basics of computing and communications work, where abundant data is located and how to retrieve it, will rule the world. Engineering knowledge and experience is a power.

If you understand that, you know what your strengths are, you will market yourself properly, and will feel real satisfaction from what you do. That’s the success. And other people will not miss it - because they want to work with successful people.

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