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GR8BIT and MSX videos

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You have javascript disabled, and interactive menu will not work. Below is the raw database of the links for your convenience. First parameter is game's name, second is developer, third is publisher, fourth is publisher's product number, fifth is year of release, and last is the YouTube user who published/made a video.

Featured videos and GR8BIT videos databases have slightly different format: first is video title, second is link to the video, third is year of release or filming, and last is filmmaker or publisher.

Strategy/Puzzle games

King's Valley,Konami,Konami,RC727,1985,VampierMSX
King's Valley II - the Seal of El Giza,Konami,Konami,RC761,1988,oldskoolgamertje
Skooter,The Bytebusters,Aackosoft,1433/8433,1988,Manuel Bilderbeek
Bubble Bobble,TAITO,TAITO,TMS-02,1987,Adam Buchanan
Columns,Telenet Japan/Compile,Telenet Japan,,1990,PepAlacant
モアイの秘宝 (Secret Treasure of Moai),Casio,Casio,GPM-130,1986,jso3835

Action/Shooter games

Zanac,Compile,Pony Canyon,R49X5093,1986,LordKarnov42
Comic Bakery,Konami,Konami,RC714,1984,GMIX6809
Alpha Roid,Pony Canyon,Pony Canyon,R49X5103,1986,Briesebaine
Road Fighter,Konami,Konami,RC730,1985,ecxol
Athletic Land,Konami,Konami,RC700,1984,ecxol
Strategic Mars,dB-SOFT,dB-SOFT,MS2-G2118,1988,VampierMSX
Arkanoid II,TAITO,Nidecom,MSX-12,1988,neshagui
Space Manbow,Konami,Konami,RC768,1989,VampierMSX
Vampire Killer,Konami,Konami,RC744,1986,ArekTheAbsolute
魔法使いウィズ (Magical Kid Wiz),Sony,Sony,HBS-G048C,1986,HEROAAAA

Roleplay games

The Black Onyx,BPS,ASCII,,1985,LordKarnov42
Death Wish 3,Gremlin Graphics,Gremlin Graphics,,1987,pacpacfujishima
Dragon Slayer - The Legend of Heroes,Falcom,Falcom,NW1001 1020,1990,oldskoolgamertje

Adventure games

Antarctic Adventure,Konami,Konami,RC701,1984,ecxol
Penguin Adventure,Konami,Konami,RC743,1986,pacpacfujishima
The Hobbit,Melbourne House,Melbourne House,MH608,1985,MrVenom1974

Survival games

Metal Gear,Konami,Konami,RC750,1987,terramex
Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake,Konami,Konami,RC767,1990,AdamSpencer87

Simulation games

Konami's Billiards,Konami,Konami,RC706,1987,HEROAAAA
Konami's Tennis,Konami,Konami,RC720,1985,nemoDaedalus

Educational games

Monkey Academy,Konami,Konami,RC702,1984,TheMSXChannel

Features videos

Gates and Nishi talking about each other,,2008,BillGTransition
Japanese PCs (1985),,1985,KCSM TV
Interview with Bill Gates and Kazuhiko Nishi,,(unknown),doctorMSX
Metal Gear MSX overview by Hideo Kojima,,(unknown),strafefox

GR8BIT Assembly videos

GR8Bit CPU Board,PAPNqXjwmsw,Erik Luppes
GR8Bit Slot Board,uR7eQLl2mfE,Erik Luppes

GR8BIT operation videos

OeiOeiVogeltje's MSX Gr8bit,7TtBBv35G9g,MSXFilmpje
Aleste 2 on Gr8bit,nftTIIuo6os,Morguul

GR8BIT development videos

Accelerating your GR8BIT (KB0009),8nXZ2hs66cA,Eugeny Brychkov
GR8BIT with covox attached (KB0010),TsNje59oD88,Eugeny Brychkov
GR8BUS master board: first test,awEKrWFmHV4,Eugeny Brychkov
GR8BIT with 33MB of RAM,V-3YydCt-Gc,Eugeny Brychkov
Googling GR8BIT,Pfkv8zbcImg,Eugeny Brychkov
GR8BIT and Micro-SD card,wEZWmRm81lI,Eugeny Brychkov

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