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GR8BIT: the Real Engineering Experience
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Phone: +7 916 440 6541

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株式会社エイチアンドエス (H&S Inc.)

What is GR8BIT: assembly experience, knowledge and fun

GR8BIT is a do-it-yourself hardware and software platform (kit), which is designed for easy assembly experience, your acquisition of knowledge in electronics and maximal 8-bit fun. GR8BIT is about:
  • MSX - runs MSX2 games and software;
  • All the components you need to build a complete 8-bit computer;
  • Modularity - several boards, from one-two days for assembly of each one;
  • Documentation which explains how it works and how to assemble it - principles of operation, assembly, starting and booting, component reference, circuit diagrams and PCB layouts and others - 226 pages of knowledge with step-by-step pictures;
  • Our support, real people (no nicknamed forums!)

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