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GR8BIT: the Real Engineering Experience
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Services we provide

We are operating in the niche industry, providing services and consulting for the individuals and organizations within do-it-yourself domain. These services include, but are not limited to:
  • Application of the do-it-yourself concept to personal and organizational development.
  • Educational process review and improvement.
  • Services for developers of educational hands-on material and devices.
  • Analysis and action planning on the Performance of the learners concerning practical components of their educational curriculum.
Our location within industrial continuum
Types of services are listed below. Please note that you may fall in more than one category.
  • Guiding through the whole the process of platform assembly, troubleshooting, debugging.
  • Covers whole process rather than single problem or incident.
  • Scope is negotiable depending on customer requirements.
*Remote support
  • Per incident basis.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging via phone or video conferencing.
  • Action plan development.
  • Action plan follow-up.
  • Identifying lessons learnt.
*Onsite support
  • Scope is the same as in Remote support.
  • Includes physical presence on site, active participation in the process (including "let me show you"), active mentoring during problem resolution.
*Development certification
  • Is included in Partner developer license.
  • Includes market viability assessment for the development, intellectual property valuation, and developer fee calculation.
  • Assumes support in final testing and debugging of development, interoperability testing.
  • After successful completion of certification process certificate is issued, and development is put into the portfolio of platform optional modules.
*Development consulting
  • Assistance at the stage of new device idea generation and concept creation.
  • Assistance in development of schematic diagrams, firmware, and/or interoperability and compatibility.
*Educational institutions and corporate training centers
*Integration of the platform into educational process/curriculum
  • Analysis of existing related curricula.
  • Identification of opportunities and benefits to use GR8BIT platform to improve learners' experience.
  • Development of additions to the curricula (jointly with educational institution).
*Platform usage consulting
  • Analysis of the issues, opportunities and/or requests gathered by the educational institution from its students.
  • Qualifying change requests.
  • Processing change requests if they are qualified.
  • Analysis of the business requirements concerning GR8BIT platform or simple electronics concept.
  • Participation in the related business projects in consulting or development roles.
  • Certification of the related concepts, devices, firmware or software for business use.
  • Performing delivery services (negotiable per business requirements).

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