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GR8BIT: the Real Engineering Experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

We often are asked some very specific questions, which we all think need explicit answer and clarification. These questions we get by email, Skype or spot them during the discussions in the forums. If you have question which is not covered in this section, and you can not find answer on our website, please contact us to have it answered.

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Q. Is GR8BIT platform MSX compatible - in other words, will it run 100% of MSX games and applications?
A. GR8BIT is designed to be fully MSX2-compatible. It is partially compatible to MSX2+. All software which runs on MSX2 - games, demos, compilers etc. - will run on GR8BIT.

Antistatic bracelet Static electricity
Q. Is static electricity harmful for GR8BIT? Do I need special equipment?
A. We built GR8BIT using TTL logic, with some exceptions (for example, some HC integrated circuits, VDP, CPU and memories). TTL logic is much less prone to damages from static electricity than CMOS logic, however we recommend to have proper grounding of the ATX chassis and components (it is discussed in GR8BOOK part III), and use antistatic bracelet during soldering, and avoid using clothes and other matters which may create static electricity.

Passion for Technology 12+ 17+
Q. Which age GR8BIT is targeted to? Do you think anyone can assemble GR8BIT?
A. We recommend GR8BIT for 17+ age, and 12+ with active assistance of adult. However the success of assembly and operation is not primarily relates to the age. It relates to the passion for technology and hand-making, and to the persistence in achieving result. Of course some prerequisite skills are required (which are usually taught in the school), and that's why you may need advice or active assistance of the adult experienced person.

Desperate cartoon
Q. Are there issues in GR8BIT design? What if it will not work? Will I be left alone desperate with nothing?
A. This question is several parts question:

Q. What are the key properties and values of GR8BIT which differ it from other stuff like Raspberry Pi, Arduino or original old good MSX computers?
A. The main difference is that you assemble GR8BIT yourself - all its functional modules. Others include:

Price dislike
Q. Why GR8BIT costs so much?
A. Consider the following list of facts: When considering alternatives, in addition to considering the price, we recommend you to carefully read specifications for platforms to find the following information:

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